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Own-developed fiber optic sensing system is provided. Fiber optic sensing system is comprised of sensor, optical analyzer, and signal processor.

Products & System

LAZOC product features

Advantages of fiber optical sensing system in comparison with conventional electric sensor :

1. Long distance signal transmission with less attenuation
2. EMI(electro-magnetic immune)
3. Lightning-tough
4. Environmentally robust (water, oil, solution, etc)
5. Explosion-proof

Introduction of each system

FOD sensing system

Fiber Optic Doppler

This system can detect Acoustic Emission (AE) upto 1 MHz.

This is mainly utilized at :
– Underground tunnel for rock monitoring
– Crack detection
– Corrosion detection
– Rotating abnormality monitoring

Please refer to technical information

You can download catalogue below.

FOD sensing system


Distributed Acoustic

DAS is a sensor system that can capture vibrations and sounds over the entire optical fiber.
 【Major performance parameter】
 Total length  :50km
 Spatial sampling:0.2 – 10m
 Sampling rate :1kHz

You can download catalogue below.

DAS system

FBG/OFDR sensing system

Optical Frequency
Domain Reflectometry

OFDR technology is able to measure spatially resolved 0.6mm strain distribution.
This will be used for material and structure strength.
Please refer to technical information.
You can download catalogue below.

Also, You can see demonstration video.

FBG/OFDR sensing system

FBG/WDM sensing system

Wavelength Division

Multi-point sensors can be set up along with a single optical fiber.
Interrogator can work with strain, temperature, accelerometer, pressure sensors.
Please refer to technical information.
You can download catalogue below.

FBG/WDM sensing system


Light State Sensor
System, OSV

This sensor uses plastic optical fiber (POF) to inexpensively capture phenomena occurring at the tip of the optical fiber.
It is used for mortar filling detection, etc.
Please refer to technical information.
You can download catalogue below.

POF/LS3(Light State Sensor System, OSV)

Sensor Net powered by Fiber-optic

Sensor Network powered
by Fiber Optic

This is unique sensor network system.
Sensor unit is activated locally by laser power, which is transmitted thorough normal fiber optic network. So no local power supply is necessary, just optical fiber.
Any sensor is connectable, preferrably low-power-consumption sensor, such as MEMS.

Sensor Net powered by Fiber-optic

AE Log and Analysis software


Software for AE logging and off-line analysis.
This program is based on LabVIEW, provided National Instruments Japan.

Software has :
– AE logging
– Re-calculate AE parameter
– Reat out waveform

As an option, source location software is also available.

FBG sensor

We provide FBG sensor both coated by UV acrylate and polyimide for WDM methods.